One Sunny Bunny at the edge.



One Sunny Bunny visits the edge of the world. A bit of a combo of some character design refining and concept design around the general look I want the images in the book to have. I will probably go a bit more to the abstract or geometric side of things as I think about the form the pages of a book might take.

Source: One Sunny Bunny at the edge.

One Sunny Bunny #3



Starting to build the world.

A test of layering drawings to create an image

pf looking at the world through multiple

levels of walls and columns. In the story the

palace will be a series of hallways within hallways.

One Sunny Bunny #2

pillarsHave started a bit of the concept design work for One Sunny Bunny. Trying to get a sense for what his palace would look like. Has to be a bit of the ‘feel’ of an ancient empire combined with the historical roots of my local area. Also it has to have echoes of cthonic dwellings. A set of possible pillar designs to create an abulatory behind the throne. Pencil on paper.

Source: One Sunny Bunny #2