One Sunny Bunny at the edge.



One Sunny Bunny visits the edge of the world. A bit of a combo of some character design refining and concept design around the general look I want the images in the book to have. I will probably go a bit more to the abstract or geometric side of things as I think about the form the pages of a book might take.

Source: One Sunny Bunny at the edge.

New Short Stories Coming In The Year Of The Backward Facing Artichoke

A quick look at the opening of a new story line I am creating, this is all hand made, which means my wrist is killing me now, a major writers/artist cramp situation. With this in mind, when I do start to post the story in webcomic form it will only be a page a week, it is all my aging body can take. Regular work and episodes will still be coming to, they are aided by the magic of computers, I will create a seperate WP site for the weekly pages and let you know when I have got it up and running.


Have a great New Year!