New Epsidode Of Marvin Coming

I am preparing my new web comic sites at the moment, this is new territory for me and is proving to be a bit of a confusing exercise. With this in mind I am taking things slowly and trying to set things up so the reader will have the best experience possible with the resources I can muster in terms of production. One of these is a no brainer so I have uploaded the first of the weekly updates to already. The other two are more problematic.

one involves a long form comic, and the other could be of any length from one to ten pages a chapter. The only way I can see to overcome the problem of having individual pages with basically no context being posted is to post them as snippets of scroll down comics, each with enough narrative to carry the reader over to the next posting date. I have no idea if this is going to work, but if it doesn’t I hope people will be patient till I can come up with another cunning plan.

Here is a small section of scroll from the second episode of Mundane Marvin (coming soon)



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