One Sunny Bunny at the edge.



One Sunny Bunny visits the edge of the world. A bit of a combo of some character design refining and concept design around the general look I want the images in the book to have. I will probably go a bit more to the abstract or geometric side of things as I think about the form the pages of a book might take.

Source: One Sunny Bunny at the edge.

One Sunny Bunny #6

compoitingtest1A quick compositing test using the earlier background, a decorative fence type thingy, and a warrior figure. the various layers have all been done in pencil then brought into Clipstudio and Illustrator and Photoshop, blending modes have been used to create the ‘seperation’ between the layers. I have sort of decided that I want to purposefully ignore traditional perspective in these works to give it more of a mythic feel.

Source: One Sunny Bunny #6

Playing Inside, Architecture

Playing InsideA vector illustration of a Victorian style house. Lots of layers here, tried to get the look of the historical coloring on a sunny day. Created with Adobe Illustrator.

Source: Playing Inside, Architecture